Biomedical Engineering Research Program

Labs & Research

Current research projects include:

Medical Device Battery Management
Medical battery maintenance and management is an important element in quality assurance programs. Battery maintenance and management offers a quantitative measure of a battery’s ability to perform. Biomedical Engineering investigates evidence-based maintenance protocols that are medical technology specific.

Medical Technology Management Research
Biomedical Engineering investigates the utilization of medical technology to identify innovative and creative methods of maximizing patient benefit. Topics include but are not limited to technology user education, trans-esophageal probe utilization and emergency preparedness.

Small Animal Containment System for Research Protocols
Biomedical Engineering is developing a flexible and secure containment system for small animal research to perform blood sampling and injections. This system will accommodate varying sizes of small animals easily and efficiently.

Biomedical Engineering and Code Blue Participation
Biomedical Engineering is investigating the benefits of technical staff joining the Cardiac Arrest Team.