Appendix 7: Orientation to Exercises Classes

What to Bring

  • Comfortable clothes and clean indoor walking or running shoes.
  • Your own lock, for use with the change room lockers during your class.
  • Your own toiletries and towel, if you wish to have a shower after class.
  • A water bottle, which you can refill at the water fountain.

Important Information

  • Check the whiteboard for exercise class cancellations.
  • If you are sick, please do not come to class. Call your physiotherapist to discuss.
  • The Heart Institute is a scent-free environment. Please do not wear cologne or perfume in the track area.

If You Are Diabetic

  • Bring your glucometer to class if you are taking medication for your diabetes. We will ask you to measure your blood sugar before and after exercise for at least two classes.

What to Expect on Your First Day

  • After changing, come to the desk on the track to meet your physiotherapist who will explain the class routine, show you around and discuss your exercise plan with you.
  • Your physiotherapist will show you how to fill out your exercise record. It will be kept in a brown file folder and will remain at the track.
  • You will be provided with a name tag which will also remain at the track. Please wear it at all times during classes for safety purposes.
  • Classes begin with a warm-up. Depending on the class, this may be slow walking on the track or group exercise led by the physiotherapist. This is a very important part of your exercise routine. All classes end with a group cool-down led by the physiotherapist.
  • There are heart rate monitors available for use during class. Speak to your physiotherapist if you would like to try one.
  • If you are interested in joining any of our workshops, speak to your physiotherapist about registering.

Track Rules for Onsite Classes

  1. Before exercise class, you must tell the staff if you have had:
    • new or changing symptoms.
    • Admission to the hospital.
    • An assessment in the emergency department.
    • Medication or dosage changes.
    • any change in your medical condition.
  2. During class, stop your exercise and inform staff immediately if you experience: angina or any other discomfort.
    • light-headedness or dizziness.
    • shortness of breath.
    • any other unusual signs or symptoms.
  3. Speak to staff before using nitroglycerin.
  4. Do not come to class if you are sick.
  5. Warm-up and exercise only during your one-hour class time.
  6. Speak to your physiotherapist before using any exercise equipment for the first time.
  7. After using a piece of exercise equipment, please wipe down the seat, handles and display with the disinfectant wipes provided.
  8. We also ask you use the hand sanitizers provided to disinfect your hands before class and after using the exercise equipment.
  9. Cell phones must be turned off during exercise classes.