Dr. Peter Liu receives Canadian Heart Failure Society 2017 Annual Achievement Award

October 24, 2017

Heart failure is a growing - and all too silent - epidemic in Canada. It is a significant health issue for hundreds of thousands of Canadians and their families, and its reach is expanding. When Dr. Peter Liu, chief scientific officer and vice president, research at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, started in the field over 25 years ago, a diagnosis of heart failure was like a death sentence. Now, “these patients are living longer, true testaments to the scientific advances we have made together.”

He’s played a significant role in that progress thanks to the support through organizations such as the Canadian Cardiovascular Society and the Heart & Stroke Foundation. His lab has identified novel biomarker candidates for heart failure, and is evaluating them in new clinical settings to achieve personalized care. A passionate advocate for heart failure care and research, he has also been a key contributor to guidelines to guide health professionals in diagnosing and managing patients with heart failure. “We have travelled far, but there is still so much more journey to cover” said Dr. Liu.

Congratulations Dr. Liu!

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