Patient Satisfaction

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute prides itself on its quality of care and high levels of patient satisfaction. A random sample of discharged patients is surveyed every two weeks to determine their level of satisfaction with the care they received and the experience they had as patients at the Heart Institute.

In-Patient Satisfaction

The most recent results are available for the period of January to March 2018. The Heart Institute is pleased to have scored higher in all categories of in-patient satisfaction than the Ontario average for teaching hospitals.

Measure of Care

University of Ottawa Heart Institute

NRC Average

Overall Rating of Hospital



Respect & Dignity 80.3% 71.1%
Coordination of Care 73.6% 62.4%
Responsiveness 74.0% 61.4%
Information Sharing 61.4% 51.3%
Physical Environment 53.0% 50.6%
Discharge, Transition, Planning & Management 80.0% 66.9%

Access to Care