The Health Care Team

At the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, we strive to provide the best possible care to our patients and their families. The nurses, nursing coordinators and doctors at the Heart Institute are dedicated to caring for you and your loved ones. If you have questions at any time, please feel free to ask our nurses and doctors. During the hospital stay, it is also possible that our extended health care team will be involved with you and the care of your loved one.

Below is a brief description of who may also be part of the health care team.

Our Extended Health Care Team


Social workers are part of health care teams at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and the Heart Institute. They provide a broad range of counselling and resources to patients and those who care for them. Social workers provide support while patients are being admitted to the hospital.


The role of physiotherapists is to assess, treat and improve overall strength, endurance, movement and function affected by injury, disease or disability.


Occupational therapists assess patients’ cognitive, perceptual and physical functions to identify impacts on their daily activities and to assist the team with discharge planning and recommendations.


Neuropsychologists conduct formal tests of the patients’ thinking skills, including memory, attention, language, visual perception, organization, planning, reasoning and judgment, to assess the presence, severity and nature of any brain dysfunction. The results are used in planning discharge and determining rehabilitation needs.


Speech language pathologists assess, treat and manage swallowing and communication difficulties (including voice disorders, which can occur following the removal of a ventilation tube).


Registered dietitians assess and help to optimize the patients’ nutritional status. Patients may need a special diet, oral nutritional supplements or a feeding tube to meet their nutritional needs. Registered dietitians may also provide education on nutrition to patients and families.