Catch a quiet killer: Get screened for heart valve disease

February 22 is Heart Valve Disease Awareness Day, an international campaign dedicated to raising awareness about heart valve disease—its risk factors, symptoms, detection, and treatment

Beating strong: A look back at the year’s heart health headlines

In this article – our final of 2023 – we revisit the captivating physicians, clinicians, scientists, nurses and allied health professionals, and the inspiring narratives that made headlines in The Beat this year. From the important first steps of groundbreaking initiatives in cardiovascular health

Recognized for lifelong achievement, Dr. Terrence Ruddy shines light back on others

On a night when much of the healthcare community was shining its spotlight on him, Dr. Terrence Ruddy , an internationally renowned clinician-scientist and a leader in cardiovascular nuclear medicine, was emphatic about shining that light back on others. “The success of a racecar driver is not

Unlocking the power of collaboration: The promising future of a Canadian alliance of cardiovascular centres

Carolyn Pullen , BScN, RN, PhD, was out for her morning run when she had an epiphany that may change the future of cardiovascular healthcare in Canada. As CEO of the Canadian Cardiovascular Society (CCS), which represents cardiovascular healthcare professionals across the country, Pullen had been

Dr. Marc Ruel reflects on 11 years as chief of cardiac surgery

Dr. Marc Ruel led as head of cardiac surgery at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) for 11 years. On September 15, 2023, his second mandate at the helm of heart surgery ended, and his successor, Dr. Pierre Voisine , assumed his role as the UOHI’s new visionary for cardiac surgery. Dr

Devoted nurse with passion for education develops first one-stop resource for women with heart disease

When Nazli Parast, APN, was studying to become a cardiac nurse, she was surprised at how little she learned about women's heart health and the specific risk factors for heart disease unique to women. Today, some fifteen years later, Nazli has a master’s degree in nursing, and she is one of the

Drinking less alcohol is best for heart patients

Experts at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) are using the motto “Less is best” in discussions with patients about alcohol and heart health. In January, The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) released Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health , a replacement to Canada

An important step in women’s heart health herstory

The University of Ottawa Heart Institute (UOHI) is establishing a network to improve cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevention and care in women. The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and the UOHI Foundation are funding the project, valued at more than $1.2M plus in-kind contributions. CVD is the

Nordic walking tops our unbeatable holiday reading list

Pour yourself some eggnog and cozy up by the fireplace. Our holiday reading list is here! This year, our must-reads include articles about a better way to exercise, newly established research chairs, takeaways from a premier cardiovascular event, and the golden future of cardiac tissue repair. Here

The Indiana Jones of smoking cessation is passing the torch

A leading voice in the quit-smoking arena worldwide, Andrew Pipe, MD , who was instrumental in the development of the widely adopted Ottawa Model for Smoking Cessation (OMSC) at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute, announced earlier this year his longtime mentee, Hassan Mir, MD , is ready to