Patient and Family Engagement

Patient and family engagement is now part of an overall culture of engagement among the hospital leadership, board, researchers, staff, patients and families.

Patient Engagement at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute

Patients have been helping us make decisions about care since the beginning. Patient engagement became even more central in 1989 with the creation of the Patient Alumni. Alumni patients continue to be active members of our team. Members sit on committees, help us roll out new programs, review policies, create staff and patient education materials, and provide input into research priorities. All of this has helped us grow a patient-centered approach to care.

Be a Patient Partner

Patient and family-centered care is at the heart of all that we do. We strive to involve patients, family members, caregivers and the community in discussions that affect care and research at the Institute. Patient Partners bring firsthand experience and insight. We chose the word “partnership” because we believe that patients should be equal partners.

See Be a Patient Partner for more information about becoming a Patient Partner.

UOHI Patient Partnership (UPP) Council

The UOHI Patient Partnership Council reviews policies and procedures, patient education documents and processes that affect patients and caregivers. The Council’s goal is to promote partnership between clinical staff and patients and caregivers. Working together, patients, caregivers and staff make sure that care and services meet the community’s needs and uphold UOHI values.

Council membership is made up of patients, caregivers and clinical care management and staff, including a nurse, clinical manager, social worker and physician. The Council is Co-Chaired by the Alumni President (and UOHI patient), and the Vice President of Quality, Privacy and Health Information.

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