A Word From the President

Our Institute is vibrant with discovery, ingenuity, insight and innovation. Bringing together patient care, research, and education is the only way to maintain the Institute as a unique Centre of Excellence with an undeniable reputation on the world scene. This is our mission.

A stellar team

The exceptional dedication and engagement of our team is incomparable and ensures the health and comfort of our patients and their families. Our nurses, technicians, physicians and support staff are determined to deliver the highest quality of patient care to you, and your loved ones.

Aiming at research that saves lives

Our research ambition, through solid collaborations and partnerships, is to be an active leader in cardiovascular innovations and knowledge translation. We will put Ottawa among the top international hubs in cutting-edge cardiovascular research, while always at the patient’s bedside.

A promising tomorrow

Our future resides in our capacity to see an opportunity in every challenge, in our capacity to adapt to change, to stay together as a team, and to build bridges across specialties. First-class clinical care will always be the fundamental basis for our global success. It is also an ideal platform for innovation and leadership in research and education. As an academic institution, everything we do, serves equally the three pillars of our Institution.

Over the next few years, we will continue to grow, but we will do so while keeping in mind what makes the Heart Institute so intelligibly distinctive: our team spirit.

Thierry Mesana, MD, PhD
President and CEO