Clinical Engineering Training

The Biomedical Engineering Division supervises and teaches aspiring biomedical and clinical engineers and biomedical technologists through undergraduate cooperative education placements and internships. These placements provide students with the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and enhanced education in a health care setting.

Leacross Foundation Endowment for Biomedical Engineering

Due to COVID-19, UOHI will not be looking for applicants for summer 2021. Please apply in winter 2021 for summer 2022.

Through the Leacross Foundation Endowment, the Biomedical Engineering Division offers remunerated training internships to female undergraduate and graduate biomedical engineers as well as biomedical technicians and technologists. The opportunity to train in the Heart Institute’s complex and advanced medical environment is invaluable for those looking to explore, practice, and hone their biomedical engineering skills.

To apply: Interested applicants are invited to make their submissions by sending a letter of interest along with their C.V., between November 1 and December 31, for next year’s placements.


Stephanie Liddle, MHSc, PENG, CCE
Manager, Biomedical Engineering, University of Ottawa Heart Institute
University of Ottawa Heart Institute
40 Ruskin Street, Ottawa, ON K1Y 4W7
Tel.: 613-696-7000 x 19625